What happens If I don't get my item?

By Joanna Gevero May 20, 2021

At Gecko, we want your experience to be smooth sailing but at times things don’t go to plan…

What happens if the lender is seen zoning your messages and it’s your sister’s Sweet 16th in 3 days? What happens if you’ve already paid to rent out those speakers and you don’t have them? 😰

If you are currently experiencing this, please don’t worry! 💖 At Gecko, you guys are important to us 😌 and we will try our best to ensure that you can create your unforgettable experiences!

What you should do if you don’t get your items:

1. Contact the lender 📲 Please reach out to the lender first! There could be a million reasons why they aren’t responding back (they could be walking their pet gecko 🤷)

2. Patience 🙌 Patience is key right? Give the lender some time before you send us an email. If it’s been a few days and they’re still “seen zoning you” 😑 or you’re being left on “delivered.” Then it’s time to send us an email!

3. Send us an email 📧 The more detailed the better! We want to help you ASAP! In the email, these are a few things that you should include:

  • A detailed explanation of the situation (We want to know what happened so we can try to help you out as much as we can).
  • Evidence! Screenshots of not getting replies on the Gecko page or anything that will show that they are not responsive.

4. Full refund! 💸 Once we have verified everything, an email will be sent out that outline the process of getting your money back!

We hope this helps 😄 Happy Gecko-ing 🦎

Interested in learning more about the bond process? Or what will happen if you return a damaged item? Don’t worry! 😌 We know accidents happen and we want you to know how you can be protected by our bond process 💖

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Joanna GeveroMay 20, 2021