How to be more environmentally friendly in your everyday life

By Ben Kennedy April 22, 2020

For many of us, we know that it’s good to go green and we aim to lead a life that reflects this mantra. However, there are still a whopping 77% of people who want to learn how to become eco-friendlier and still struggle to find practical ways to do so.

Here at Gecko, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t waste food

For those living out of home, it can be tempting to eat take-away especially now that you don’t have the luxury of mum’s cooking each night… Yet, takeaway containers aren’t great for the environment.

Whilst those greasy pizza boxes are cupboard and therefore recyclable, if any food touches the box, it automatically has to be thrown out. So, whilst take-away is convenient, it’s not always the best option for our planet.

Why not make leftovers your friends instead? Your wallet, not to mention planet earth, will thank you!

Re-think your modes of transportation

One sneaky Uber here, another Ola ride there… they all add up over time and can have a damaging impact on the environment due to the emissions they omit.

Why not opt for the increasingly popular 30-minute rule? If your destination is under 30 minutes to walk or ride to, then do so!

If this method isn’t your jam though, try to opt for public transport. It’s much cheaper than the ride sharing apps not to mention having to fill up for petrol!

Minimise plastic where you can

This one is easier said than done and is arguably one of the harder things to do… But bear with us, minimising your plastic usage can be done!

Successful ways to reduced plastic intake include buying reusable water bottles, investing in a keep cup and of course… brining a reusable bag to your shopping expeditions.

For the trendiest reusable bottles and keep cups (including ‘design your own’ keep cups), see the links below!

Rent items you aren’t likely to use often

Last but most certainly not least, is to rent items that you aren’t likely to use. This is where we come in!

We all have stuff in our house that just… well, sits around. Whether it is that dress we wore once to a formal and never again, that hilarious Nemo costume we wore once to a mate’s 21st, that GoPro that seemed sick at the time but we have only used once in the last four summers… you get our point!

In the same way, rent out your infrequently used items in order to

Why not rent an item out that you are only likely to use once. You’ll no doubt save yourself some money, but feel good about it too, for doing your part for the environment.

Go Green. Go Gecko.

The Team at Gecko.

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Ben KennedyApril 22, 2020