Our Cancellation Policy

Our Cancellation Policy What happens if I don’t want to hire those speakers anymore? Will I get charged? And how much…

Joanna GeveroSep 07, 2021

How does Gecko help the environment?

We all want the newest stuff, right? Whether it’s the newest cameras, the newest speakers, the newest GoPro, you name it…

Joanna GeveroMay 28, 2021

What happens If I don't get my item?

At Gecko, we want your experience to be smooth sailing but at times things don’t go to plan… What happens if the lender…

Joanna GeveroMay 20, 2021

What happens when your borrowed item is damaged?

At Gecko, we understand accidents do happen sometimes, and it can become a stressful situation for both our borrowers…

Suugloria TunMay 11, 2021

What is Gecko's Bond Process?

Gecko’s bond process is like a deposit to provide security for the item borrowed in case it is damaged. We aim to…

Suugloria TunMay 03, 2021

How to Win in the Second-Hand Economy with Gecko!

Think about that holiday you’ve always wanted to go on, or that outfit you’d look bomb in but couldn’t fit into your…

Kinsey McGregorSep 18, 2020

Is a DJ Controller or a DJ Mixer better for you?

What is a DJ Controller A DJ controller is basically an all-in-one device because it features turntables and a mixer all…

Suugloria TunSep 16, 2020